Brake Controller Wiring Diagram

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Brake Controller Wiring Diagram - yes we can help to the right there is a picture that has a diagram of how most brake controllers wire up if you click it you will be able to see an enlarged version of the picture below you will find a link to the installation instructions and to wiring instructions for wiring brake controllers the wiring diagram to the right is a basic brake controller hook up the wiring harness shown is typical of any electric brake control installation some newer vehicles provide their own brake control jumper harness which makes the install a plug and play affair tekonsha 174 the tekonsha 174 logo and tekonsha 174 graphics are the servicemarks trademarks or registered trademarks owned by horizon global corporation all other servicemarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owner connect the pigtail style wiring harness included with the purchase of the tekonsha brake controller to the back.
of the in cab controller unit following the wiring diagram included with the controller run the blue wire through the firewall and to the rear of the vehicle where it will connect to the trailer connector

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